Similarly, to Instagram, Snapchat is a free mobile photo and video sharing and messaging app. Three men that go by the names of Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie brown, founded the app in 2011. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat videos and photos can last up to only 10 seconds. In contrast, there is the option to post a photo that is viewable by everyone on your friends list, for an unlimited amount of times only but the post disappears after 24 hours prior to being posted. You can post as many stories as you wish. In 2015, the U.S Mobile Study reported that people aged from 18-34, spend 6 hours per month on Snapchat. If you compare these statistics to Instagram where 7 hours a month is spent and Facebook which resulted in 25 hours a month. In terms of business, Snapchat is not remotely advanced as Facebook or Instagram but it is on the rise towards making Snapchat beneficial for marketing purposes. Kim Kardashian would be the best example of an individual using Snapchat to their advantage. Growing up in Beverly Hills, California, born on October 21, 1980, Kim is a model, reality television star, entrepreneur and socialite. With over 62.9 million Snapchat followers, it relatively easy for Kim to convey any message that she feels is necessary and/or relevant. Kim Kardashian, in my eyes, is classified as a snapchat genius as she knows her target audience and knows exactly what her followers want to see. Kim is also consistent in her posts in ways that she posts regularly, her content is creative, and never really, the same as her posts vary from her to her famous husband Kanye- West, which keeps her adherents intrigued. In a recent ‘snap story’ (A snap you can broadcast to followers (recipients can view it an unlimited amount of times in 24 hours, and you can also post multiple snaps to your story in one day to create a narrative of sorts) she recorded herself getting a tattoo but did not reveal the final product. By Kim not revealing her tattoo, she has drawn her followers closer into her without him or her even knowing because now everybody’s question is, “what is the tattoo of?” Genius if you ask me.


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