Pinterest is an app that not too many people are familiar with. It was created in 2010 for sharing hobbies and interests through imagery. This app is used by women mainly aged from 25-40. Similarly to the previous spoken about apps, Pinterest s most popular content ranges from fashion, food, sport and tech. Pinterest can be beneficial for businesses as the app is designed to bring people together through their shared interests. This means that businesses or brands can present their products, price and share ideas or opinions that have relevance to a post. Pinterest had a massive influence on online shopping as 93% of the 100 million ‘pinners’ (active Pinterest users) proceeded to shop online in the past six months. Negatives to take into account when using Pinterest is that the community is not as big as the one Facebook, Instagram etc. There are a number of fake accounts implemented in order to post fake brands. A franchise that has taken Pinterest under their wing is well-known intercontinental luxury Hospitality Corporation. Felicia Yukich (brand marketer and content strategist for Four Seasons Hotel and resorts worldwide) quoted that “Pinterest is transforming the way our guests plan their trips, share ideas and select travel destinations.” Four Seasons Hotels was actually the first brand to implement the Place Pins strategy (this is an option on the app to ‘pin’ destinations that you would like to travel to and if prices fluctuate, you are notified instantly). There was a 1000% increase in the number of people visiting the site daily, which resulted in an increase in the average number of people re-pinning the Four Seasons franchise by 900%. The website increased by 1700% due to Pinterest. It is evident that this franchise has utilised this social media platform to the best of their ability.


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