Instagram, a free app that was launched in 2010 for the purpose of capturing, sharing pictures and sharing videos instantly. It has more than 400 million monthly active users, so for industries that are trying to target the generation Y era that are obsessed with fashion, sporting clubs, schools, universities, clubs etc. For example, an astonishing 96% of fashion brands use Instagram. Instagram does not just stop with pictures and videos; the application is constantly striving towards findings ways for business and brands to advertise. For example, in January 2016, Instagram brought out the feature of being able to advertise your company on Instagram in a way that it shows up on every active user Instagram feed. Instagram has very few limitations and/or risks involved such as the fact that when building a business or brand, it is extremely time consuming. In addition, you have the risk of fake accounts and bots, so when trying to resolve these issues it also is time consuming pogbaand costs money. A prime example of a company that has utilised Instagram to their advantage would be Adidas. Adidas have 9.8 million followers and post-daily using superstars from around the world whether they specialise in sport or music. In a particular photo, Juventus prodigy, Paul Pogba is seen holding one of football boots he will be playing in for the 2016/17 season. This is a promotional strategy implemented by Adidas in order to boost sales revenue and follower base. When people see that a person of Paul Pogba’s calibre, they immediately think that the product will influences their performance in positive ways or they will purchase the product purely so they can say they own the same ‘pair of shoes’ a famous human being. They have utilised the Instagram feature to its full potential by posting clear, large pictures of professional athletes and the product they are trying to sell.


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