Social media is the backbone of many organisations, brands and small businesses. The reason being is that social media can be utilised as tool to promote and advertise through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. According to the statistics portal, the sports industry compensated for 70% of the $60.2 billion that was spent on sports sponsorship worldwide. Facebook is the biggest platform for social media as 1.13 billion people log onto Facebook every day. The WSL (World Surf League) are a prime example of a franchise utilising the benefits of Facebook. 4,951,845 people like this page, which is a large fan base for a franchise that was introduced in 2015 as the WSL. The WSL have utilised this platform immensely in ways that they post clear videos of surfers on huge waves, competing in the WSL events from all around the globe. The WSL also promotes up and coming events and give detailed outline of data about competitors. E.g. their riding styles, Age, Origin etc. WSL posts highlights, pictures and results of events that are being held or had previously been held and they post upcoming events, sales and relevant news about weather conditions, absentees etc. This means that if somebody wishes to analyse results or check times that their favourite surfers are riding, they can do so by simply jumping on the Facebook page. The WSL have used social media to their advantage in more than, as they have also developed their own application that is accessible on Desktops, Smartphones, iPad, Tablets etc. This application consists of all the information listed on the Facebook website but broken down to make that information easier to interpret.


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